ASP.NET ZERO – Best solution for your web application

ASP.NET ZERO – Best solution for your web application


Building a software product has always been really expensive, especially in these competitive times. Behind each product is a world of complexity. You have a great idea and want to build a scalable product to expand your business. For that you need a base solution that gives you rapid acceleration for development.

A great product needs a solid foundation, your product needs multi-tenancy, authentication security, localization, exception handling, subscriptions, web API’s and a lot more. Putting together all this into your product would cost you 100 and 1000 dollars. In spite of all this, there is no guarantee that you will get it right.

While you are dealing with technical challenges related to robustness, scalability and performance, your business is expecting a solution as of yesterday.

Multiple architecture option provided by ASP.NET Zero

ASP .Net Core + Angular based Single page application solution for web application
ASP .Net Core MVC & jQuery based MVC solution for web application
ASP. Net MVC 5.x + Angular JS 1.x
Xamarin mobile application integrated with the backend solution (only for ASP.NET Core versions, supports iOS & Android)
ASP. Net MVC 5.x + jQuery

Differentiating all architecture on the basis of features

Feature ASP.NET Core & Angular ASP.NET Core & JQuery ASP.NET MVC 5.x & Angularjs ASP.NET MVC 5.x & JQuery


User Interface (Theme) Metronic v6.x Metronic v6.x Metronic v4.6.x Metronic v4.6.x ORM
ORM EF Core EF Core EF 6.x EF 6.x
Xamarin Application        YES        YES           NO           NO
Rapid Application Development Tool        YES        YES           NO           NO
Tenant Subscription Management & Paypal Integration        YES        YES           NO           NO
Host Statistics Dashboard        YES        YES           NO           NO
Identity Server Integration        YES        YES           NO           NO
Social Logins (Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google+) OK (Facebook, Microsoft, Google)          All           All           All
Two Factor Auth SMS, Email, Google Auth SMS, Email, Google Auth SMS, Email SMS, Email
Application Setup Screen        YES        YES           NO           NO
Code generation extension        YES        YES           NO           NO
Webhook Feature        YES        YES           NO           NO
Customizable Dashboard        YES        YES           NO           NO
Dynamic Entity Parameters        YES        YES           NO



ASP.NET ZERO awarded as one of the best 5 application development tools by Get App.

Why ASP.NET ZERO is considered as one of the best frameworks?

ASP .NET ZERO has a SOLID Architecture, and it provides clean source code.
All the code is clearly written and well-documented, so that a developer can use it wisely.
The solution uses mature framework to start and application from scratch.
It comes with pre-built basic functionalities like login, user profile, roles and permission management, multi-language, multi tenancy etc. which help in saving a lot of development time.
ASP .net zero gives you the facility to customize source code as per your business requirements.
ASP .net zero is completely based on open source and community-driven asp .net Boilerplate framework. You can say, it is the most used framework by developers worldwide. It automates your repeated tasks and makes your daily development easier.
Get clean and precise frontend with most famous and trusted UI theme i.e., Metronics

Role of Metronics theme and Boilerplate in Asp.Net Zero

Asp.Net Boilerplate and Metronics are pillars of ASP.Net zero, every theme and functionalities provided by ABP can be directly used in ASP.Net zero. It is developed by the team behind ASP.Net Boilerplate. Boilerplate provides a free template to start with the basic framework. Since Boilerplate provides well-documented source code, it helps a lot while developing an application. Similarly, the Metronic theme has the richest UI till now, and the most important part is when you opt for ASP.Net Zero, you get free access to all metronic layouts and components.


To accelerate your application development process ASP.NET ZERO is the perfect choice. If you have a doubt, our experts are always there to explain further benefits of ASP.NET ZERO related to your business.

We hope this piece of article will give you enough information and help you to make the right decision for your upcoming project. Our clients are happily enjoying our ASP.NET ZERO development services across the globe and saving their time and cost of development.

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