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What is Enterprise Resource Planning Software?

ERP is the most useful and important part of organization as it covers all the major functions and operations of any industry. A systematic ERP consists of many characters including cost efficiency, time efficiency, productivity, mobility and much more. ERP selection can be a challenging task as one needs to cover many aspects in terms of requirements, technology, functions, customizations, support and cost.

 In this midst, KAN ERP holds its unique place as it’s a multifunction ERP designed keeping in mind all the necessary aspects for a variety of businesses. The major modules include marketing, inventory, stores, accounts and finance, purchase, assets and much more which makes it more flexible. KAN ERP has been successfully implemented in many verticals including mobile, electronics, textile, panel, pharmaceutical, insulator manufacturing etc.

The goal of using ERP is optimizing the business operations and building better planning and management, free employees from tedious manual tasks and improve productivity, which further helps in increased revenue margins and reduce communication gap across the company and have better visibility of reports from database of company. We are trusted ERP Software solution providers in India and offer services locally and globally to small, midsize and enterprise level organisations.

Key Modules of Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Manage every aspect of financial transactions
Manage inflows and outflows.
Track expenditures, ledgers, bank statements
Allows user to access data with ease
Sales and Marketing
Sales and Marketing
Sales queries, inquiry analysis, quotation drafting
Handling sales orders, drafting invoices
Support faster lead conversion
Generate quotes and purchase orders, forecast, manage commissions
Compile information about business operations into reports
Helps in taking informed decision
Visual representation of reports
Effective use of data for improved business results
Helps organizations manage customer data
Create transactions more effectively
Enhance customer service
Build strong business relationship
Includes material requirements planning
Maintains stock level
Enables to outperform competitors
Meets highest manufacturing standards
Track, store and analyze financial data
Tax management, fixed assets management
Revenue recognition and multi-currency reconciliation.
Saves time to close out on monthly financial statements
Human Resource
Human Resource
End-to-End employee management platform
Payroll, hiring, onboarding, compensation management
Attendance Management
Automated tax and benefit deduction process
Keeps track of all stocks
Track current location in warehouse
Optimize Inventory
Reduce wastage of space

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Key Benefits of ERP System

  • 100% cloud hosted
  • High adoption rates
  • Enhanced data security
  • Excellent user interface
  • Get better business insights
  • More controlled over business
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Automate manual or routine tasks
  • Helps in reducing operational costs
  • Deep insight of customer information
  • Improved collaboration and workflows
  • Keep data safe and controlled with inbuilt protection
  • Eliminates non essential processes and task through automation
  • Businesses can make realistic estimates and far more efficient forecasts.

Transform your business with Custom ERP! Automate, improve, and excel.


ERP for Small Business
ERP for Small Business
Every business has its own complexity whether it is a small or large enterprise. No matter the enterprise belongs to the same vertical they will cater different requirements and business operations. ERP for startups or small businesses are specially designed in a cost-effective way which showcase only relevant features. The ERP business model can be scaled up whenever required.
On-Premise or Cloud ERP
On-Premise or Cloud ERP
On-premises ERP systems require company’s premises for physical software and hardware installation while web-based deployment models are hosted on cloud or remote servers which helps users to access the information from anywhere or on any device with internet connectivity.
Industry Specific ERP
Industry Specific ERP
Our ERP systems are customized according to the functionalities supported by the organizations and can be tailored as per unique need of the businesses. It helps in optimizing the business process and enhances workflow and productivity.
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