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Our team is highly flexible and sophisticated to cater your business requirements. We follow an Agile approach to provide you with the best outcome. With years of training and practice we work passionately toward any project and never let our customers down.

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Development from Scratch
Development from Scratch
Our certified ASP.NET ZERO experts will help you to design a roadmap, develop and implement solution using ASP.NET ZERO
Framework Upgradation and Code Migration
Framework Upgradation and Code Migration
Hire ASP.NET ZERO application development team for code migration or to upgrade your existing framework.
Dedicated Development Team
Dedicated Development Team
Save time and cost by hiring dedicated team of ASP.NET ZERO programmers to work on your project and treat as your own extension of team.
Support and Maintenance
Support and Maintenance
If you want support and maintenance after project in AWS, Azure or on-premises, engage with our experienced team and leave rest on us.
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Delighting words from the client

Projects: Inventory management system
Tech Stack: zero framework

Review on clutch
“Kansoft Solutions worked diligently to deliver an accessible internal app that has received positive user feedback. The team has been engaged and provided extensive technical knowledge to resolve challenges capably. A dedicated partner, they exceed expectations to ensure valuable engagement. Kansoft is flexible with making changes to meet our expectations.”
Project details
Our client is a manufacturer of packaged drinking water, and he was looking forward to integrating their field executives with ERP software to streamline their daily operations.
Problem area
The company executes around 7,000–8,000 customer deliveries per day. They approached another vendor, but he was not able to operate at their scale. Managing stock manually and keeping track of such a large number of deliveries was difficult.
Looking at the requirement, Kansoft developed an inventory management system with the following features:
Create a product list (single and group based), add a new product category and attributes.
Assign vendors according to the product required.
Add a new country, state, city based on the location of the customer.
Allocate a warehouse from where drivers can pick up orders.
Create a new customer on boarding details.
Create purchase orders and indent for vendors.
Assign roles to different departments for stock issuance, quality check and stock arrival.
Create a cluster and routes for ease of delivery.
Get automated financial reports for managing payments & more.
Apart from this, Kansoft team has developed a native Android app for their field executives and a hybrid app for customers to manage deliveries and invoices.
The inventory management system helps in managing stock, creating trips, assigns them to drivers, and then have the drivers deliver their product to customers based on the requirement.
ASP.NET ZERO is a popular open-source framework accepted by many companies globally, due to in built features and easy accessibility, it saves time and cost of company. To empower the organization, it Is the perfect solution for Cloud Native Application. Let ASP.NET ZERO get your project off the ground.
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Key Features of ASP.NET ZERO

Complete SaaS development kit
Complete authorization system
Integrated with backend API
Hierarchical setting management infrastructure
Reduce development time
Understandable front-end
Continuous version updates with evolving technology
Detail documentation available regarding technical tools and libraries
Supports popular databases like PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL server, MySQL and many.
Rich login options
Rapid application development
Fully localized user Interface
Easy configuration
Solid architecture
Supports cross platform deployment
Ready to use features
Integrated Xamarin mobile application with backend


ASP.NET Zero is built on layered architecture and tools like, Angular, Entity Framework and more. It comes with many pre-built functionalities and existing source code for easy implementation. ASP.NET ZERO uses Metronic theme for the user interface and most importantly, it makes development work easy with the help of ASP.NET Boilerplate. If you are looking to build a modern and innovative solution which can be easily customized then ASP.Net Zero is the best framework that you can opt for. It is a compact package including all the necessary features that are required by any business solutions.

ASP.NET ZERO Framework comes with amazing functionalities, easy to use, well documented, saves time and cost, most of all it is top ranked application tool awarded by Getapp. We have a proficient and excellent team working on ASP.NET ZERO framework for clients globally and helping them to boost their business profitability. 

We have been delivering numerous projects on ASP.Net Zero framework over the last 2.5 years with single/multitenant/SaaS based requirements. With ASP.Net Zero, we have done multiple combinations including JQuery, Angular etc. Our UI/UX team is expert with Metronics theme and capable of applying all available components. We create custom web and mobile applications with the help of ASP.NET ZERO framework to run your business efficiently in a short time. Hire dedicated ASP.NET ZERO developers to create powerful applications for businesses of any size/industry. Connect with the leading ASP.NET ZERO service provider in India and let us help you in creating modern and innovative business solutions that suit your needs.

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