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Modernize your outdated application with cloud-based technologies

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What is Application Modernization?

In simple language, Application Modernization is a process of updating your Legacy application using new technologies or we can say give retirement to your existing legacy system and modernize it with new features, capabilities, framework, architecture and infrastructure. Previously, updating the Legacy system was considered as a risky and expensive method, businesses were not adapting to upgrade their existing application due to a lot of circumstances. Things have changed over years due to increased awareness, multiple facilities and enhancements; people do not look at application modernization as a threat and take this as an opportunity to develop and compete with other modern businesses.

With over 20 years of experience in software development, our team has sufficient knowledge and expertise to take your old legacy system and re-host, re-develop and re-architect it to a modern platform in a smooth and efficient manner. We follow a customer centric approach, so before running into the re-engineering process, we understand all the pain areas, existing code and do in-depth analysis of business requirements to fulfill the core objective of modernization. Security and safety are the most important part of application modernization and we take care of everything to meet all the challenges of modern enterprise.

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Application Modernization Offerings @ Kansoft

Being a top Legacy Application Modernization service provider, we help you in providing detailed guidance on Improvement in existing platforms, assessment of code and functionalities, deriving maximum value from money already invested and help you identify the most feasible option to succeed. Our key capabilities include:

  • Application Modernization Consulting
  • Mainframe Migration Services
  • Application Migration
  • Application Re-coding
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Application Containerization
  • Legacy to Cloud Migration

Benefits of Application Modernization

To Modernize applications from understanding existing systems, migration, development, deployment to maintenance and support, Kansoft follows various processes to make the overall transition smooth and effective.

Improve operational efficiency
High performing applications
Respond quickly to market dynamic
Better user experience
Derive better revenue
Enhance the functional value of existing IT assets.
Improved agility with microservice based architecture
Stability and scalability
Minimize cost and time


Technical Expertise
angular js
react native
Node Js

Partner with leading application modernization service provider in India, to bring an effective change in your outdated legacy architecture and let us help you in modernizing overall system seamlessly – don’t worry about risk and challenges, we will take care of it without interrupting your existing business operations.

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