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When it comes to transportation, it’s a field which requires efficient management and coordination. For an organization to achieve a good return on investment, it should focus on supervising all the functions and operations in a cost-efficient way. Our TMS helps users to manage orders, billing, internal and external trucks, in a most simplified way. Our TMS also includes modules such as Warehouse, Spare parts, Tyre, Maintenance and Inventory management which fulfil all the essential processes related to transportation management.

The unique quality of our software is that it is web based and feature rich product, users can access it from any device and from any part of the world. Software is built on the latest technology and is fully secured. At Kansoft, we are leaning on 20 years of solving the industry’s toughest problems with intelligence and advanced machine learning. 

Kan TMS is an advanced level transportation management system which specializes in end to end transport and logistic solutions. TMS application provides a detailed view of every step of the transportation process which also includes warehouse, service and scrap management. As the Transportation is getting bigger, so the problems are rising to manage all the internal and external processes. Our team have thorough knowledge of Transport Management System and we can even customize features according to the requirement of the system.

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Comprehensive Offerings for the Transportation Industry

From initial analyses, procurement, and operational planning to implementation, visibility or freight payment, Kansoft TMS helps reduce transportation costs, streamline execution, improve service levels, lower operational risk and automate processes. Here are a few features which helped our clients to save time and increase profitability.

Fleet Management
Fleet Management
Tracking of vehicles via GSP
Multi route planning
Maintenance plan
Track performance history
Operation Module
Operation Module
Carrier assignment and communication
Outgoing, incoming manifest
Run-sheet preparation & updating
Document uploads and tracking
Invoice and Billing
Invoice and Billing
Outstanding reports of customer
Submission of bills
Tracking of invoice
Finance and accounts management
Courier Booking Management
Courier Booking Management
Tracking of consignment
Hub management
Update on bookings, dispatch and delivery
Rate card of- on account customers
Truck Management
Truck Management
Vendor management for payments
Customer and supplier receipt
Automated invoicing
Delivery and dispatch
Reports and Invoicing
Reports and Invoicing
Load handling report
Sales report
Payment reports
Target report etc.

Important Modules for Transportation Industry

Fuel Management
Order Management
Battery/Tyre Management
Vendor Management
Warehouse Management
Billing Management
Scrap Management
Fleet Management
Service and Maintenance

Key Advantages of Kansoft Transport and Logistic Management Software

  • Paperless work
  • Reduce cargo costs 
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Increase accountability
  • Track Shipment in real time
  • Improve customer service levels
  • Address all operation on one platform
  • Balance loads across shifts and resources
  • Manage invoicing through a carrier portal 
  • Consolidate orders to build efficient shipments
  • Improve warehouse efficiency and productivity
  • Improve carrier communication and collaboration
  • Manage internal and external appointment scheduling
  • Track and execute dynamic or static routing requirements
  • Optimize all assets, including drivers, tractors, and trailers
  • Cut production costs and improve margins in your global supply chain
  • Domestic & International capabilities like language, currency and geographic data

Whether you are large store chain, mid-sized supplier or a start-up, we have a unique Transport Management Solution to help you optimize for years to go. Don’t think much, just take a step ahead and contact us to discuss your requirements further and let us help you in analyzing how we can minimize cost and maximize profitability.

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