Content Delivery Platform

Content Delivery Platform

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Our content delivery software suite enables trainers and coaches with a unified platform which allows them to deliver programs to their end clients in a seamless way. It is bundled with a lot of collaboration tools and is capable of delivering the information on mobile and web interfaces in an intuitive and catchy manner. The mobile app is extremely powerful and is available as a white labelled solution for those who are looking for a quick and easy solution without losing any delivery capabilities.

Our solution for coaches and trainers streamlines the process of client management, scheduling, invoicing and payment etc. To reduce the burden for trainers and clients, these tools can integrate easily with calendar, emails and video conferencing platforms, clients can check remaining sessions, notifications, goal progress, payment history and much more to get accurate details on activities done on the platform. Customer have option to record sessions to watch later. In this digital era, where everything is online, our coaching software helps all types of coaches and trainers to manage their daily activities, deliver live sessions, inventory management, manage appointments, communicate with clients, group collaborations etc.

Financial coach
Financial coach
A Financial coach can help you in analyzing your financial decisions, spending habits and give you the best advice on how you can successfully manage your money. Kansoft content delivery platform provides perfect financial coaches software with features like track income and expenses, deliver live sessions, track financial goals, track daily activities of coach and client, easy payment options and much more.
Business Coaches
Business Coaches
Business coaches help in preparing targeting and marketing strategies to achieve desired goals, creating a plan, providing proper guidance, finding outside funders, and focusing on improving your daily business activity to get the best out of it. Kansoft content delivery platform provides perfect software for business coaches software with features like schedule meeting on flexible time, contract tools, payment processing, content hosting tools for looking at reports of individual clients and much more.
Fitness Coaches
Fitness Coaches
A fitness trainer develops a fitness program that best suits the client’s requirement and they motivate them to focus on their physical fitness. Kansoft content delivery platform provides perfect fitness delivery software with features like manage activities, take live fitness sessions, give nutrition diet charts, facilities to interact with each other, get email and text notifications and much more.
Postpartum Coach
Postpartum Coach
Postpartum coach helps you in overcoming the stress and accepting the changes that come after delivery. Some focus on weight loss and others on spiritual transformation of motherhood. Kansoft Content delivery platform provides a perfect Postpartum coach and trainers delivery software with features like custom fitness program, customized dashboard, accountability, flexible programming, monitoring feedback and reviews, progress reports and much more. give nutrition diet charts, facility to interact with each other, get email and text notifications and much more.

A platform for coaches and companies to run their health programs online. The platform comes with robust backend CMS, web front end and mobile app for fitness program delivery.

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Key features of app suite

  • Rate and review
  • Customer support
  • Real-time feedback
  • Manage multiple coaches
  • Manage/view/update goals
  • Automated program delivery
  • Direct messaging with coaches
  • Host events with calendar view
  • News feed and announcement
  • Portal for browsing program content
  • Group counselling feeds from coaches
  • Community forum for open interaction with other members
  • Financial tracker for tracking income/expenses and achieve financial goal
  • Health tracker for capturing performance, photos, transformation and fitness parameters

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Benefits of coaches and trainer’s platform

  • Cost effective
  • Unique in its domain
  • Wearables integration
  • Attractive user interface
  • Social sharing with geo-location
  • Secure and Scalable Architecture
  • Tailored as per your business model
  • Robust to handle volume of transactions
  • Access your business anywhere, anytime
  • Drive customer engagement with built-in Tools
  • Advanced tools, simple enough for everyone to use


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