IVF Hospital Management System

IVF Hospital Management Information System

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The healthcare industry has evolved drastically over the years as advanced technology has been implemented to create more efficient and cost-effective healthcare practices. Various software approaches and innovative digital solutions are developed for enhancing the workflow of hospitals, laboratories, specialty-based clinics and pharmacies.  

Our HMIS is an extensive and intelligent one-stop solution with numerous integration endpoints. As an EMR system, it records patient details, prescriptions, lab reports, medicine details, billing, payments and appointment details in the system. It helps to have real-time data at your fingertips, which can be extended for data analysis using beautiful dashboards that give key insights. It is well-designed and user-friendly software developed by a professional engineering team to handle the administrative, financial and clinical elements of healthcare institutions on a single platform.  

It is a hospital/clinic management system that includes integrated modules for appointments, billing, OPD, IPD, inventory, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology and administrative activities. For infertility clinics, we have special modules such as embryology, ART bill reports, ART compliances, package management and donor management.  

Kansoft HMIS is an AI-based enterprise-level application adopted by prominent IVF hospital chains. It is a digital platform that helps physicians and other staff create simple and comprehensive documentation to ensure quality standards, data compliance and all SOPs are met for treatment plans delivered in the clinic. It combines technology with connected workflows, provides meaningful data-driven business insights and helps experts expand and grow their practices with better patient care.   

The main feature that distinguishes KANSOFT HMIS from other software is its high adaptability to industry developments and promise of future updates. It is an excellent choice for any healthcare center looking to advance its services and ensure sophisticated control of everyday operations.  


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Key benefits of Hospital Management Systems for fertility clinics

  • IVF Oocyte Donor Registration 
  • IVF Self-Sperm Registration 
  • Secure Sperm Donor Information 
  • Injection room automation 
  • Revenue Recognition Automation 
  • Manages the inventory of cryo storage 
  • IVF Dashboard to track operations clinic-wise 
  • Detailed IVF Package Configuration and Planner 
  • Package Change Automation for Accounting Entry 
  • Access the lab test results from various clinics on a single screen
  • Patient account management for IVF couple treatment and surrogacy 
  • The system was built to achieve compliance and QI certification in the long term
  • IVF specific compliance, e.g., age validation for females, repeat package handling post 
  • Footfall to File tracking and analytics to improve conversion before actual treatment starts  
  • Multiple clinic mapping for a single patient and the option to conduct transactions in real-time seamlessly 

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Key Modules of IVF Hospital Management System

Online Appointment System
Online Appointment System
Patient can book online appointment
Unique patient ID for tracking visits
Keep an eye on doctor’s appointment
Reduce paperwork
Medical Record Management
Medical Record Management
Manage medical history of patient
Doctors can see compiled medical data of Patient
Add and view report anytime
Access management according to hierarchy
Inventory Management
Inventory Management
Enable for Inventory store management
Maintain Purchase order with due dates of delivery
Maintaining Stock and Reorder levels
Adjustable bill payments according to departments
Doctor Consultation
Doctor Consultation
Keep track of patients
Define charges according to the service
Mark new and existing patients
Maintains patients history
In-Patient and Out-Patient Management
In-Patient and Out-Patient Management
Easy handling of patient’s requirement
Data regarding Surgeon and nursing staff
Data regarding ward and bed availability
Minimize waiting time
Analytics and Dashboard
Analytics and Dashboard
Dashboards according to the roles
Integration of Microsoft BI Platform for better analytics
Automatically emails the report at scheduled date-time
Security to data due to role-based access configuration.
Lab Management
Lab Management
History tracking and reporting
Sample management and billing
Access to lab reports
Wide variety of workflow modules
Embryology Management
Embryology Management
Maintain records of Donor mapping with Patients
Secured IVF Witnessing system
Keeps track of Embryo Transfer details
Statistics of all tissue using the dynamic assessment form
Pharmacy Management
Pharmacy Management
Manage multiple pharmacies
Avoid incorrect distribution of medication
Oversee drug distribution
Differentiate FIFO and LIFO dispensing methods
Management of stock

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