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Mobile conformation tracker application for manager
Automated analytics and reports
Data management
Progress tracking application for owners
Online and offline conformation tool
Auto synchronization on low internet connectivity
Track daily growth of foals
Immediately send an alert to the owner for any mishap
Emails and push notification functionality
100% data security
Get the best conformation tracking application to fully automatize your farm management.

What is a conformation tracker?

Conformation is an assessment of the growth of animals on a daily basis so that one can form a great athlete. A good conformation tool helps in evaluating the overall performance and track the growth of animals. It is a fully automated tool which can be used by farm managers to track cattle’s physical health. With the help of the application, owners of cattle can track their daily activities and growth. This assessment tool can be customized according to the requirement.

It is an amazing conformation tracker system which allows administration to manage the overall process flawlessly. The aim of the software is to give the owner and farm manager flexibility to manage the conformation process of cattle easily.

This tool can be used by any person who owns a farm where animals/cattle/studs are trained and regular checkups are done to keep track of their growth. The main aim of people who are using this tool is to reduce the headache of paperwork and maintain the entire assessment process online.

Let’s take an example of horse conformation. Trainers prepare horses for long-term horse racing events, and for that it is important for them to examine their physical fitness. There are different factors included like tracking of walk, movements, throat latch, head, neck, front column of bones, topline, rear column of bones and examining the entire structural growth. Such horses need a special attendant to track their growth. Perhaps, trainers leave their horses in a farm where a manager is assigned to evaluate and assess the growth of the stud.

This process of assessment can be done effectively with the help of our conformation tracker application where farm managers can do the conformation and owners can track their growth through application. Our conformation tool is developed on a strong framework to make sure our client receives a fully functional & excellent solution without any loop holes.

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Glimpse of project accomplishment

Project details
Our client owns a huge horse farm where every minor detail regarding physical health of foals needs to be maintained. They were looking for a system where foal growth can be tracked online and the manager of foals can keep track of every minor detail with the help of an application.
Problem area
Each month managers would go out to the barn with a horse conformation booklet and evaluate the horses. Evaluation was recorded in the books by managers and submitted to the administrator for each horse. This information was then propagated to the horse owners through emails by copying all relevant information from the conformation book.
It was difficult to maintain the manual process. Farm managers were filling the questionnaire manually and the assigned person was sending the growth status to the owners by typing and sending emails to owners individually.
The team has developed a horse conformation tool with the following features to ease the workload and make everyday processes simpler.
Farm managers can create a customized questionnaire for assessment according to the requirement.
They can maintain records and stay organized in an all-in-one system. Also, they can access any information on developing foals in a few clicks.
Farm managers can take a tablet or a mobile device to the respective barns and do the assessment of a horse.
No more paper reports required. Automated reports are generated just after the completion of the form.
Horse owners can see their foal’s growth and development as soon as the farm manager submits the form.
Instead of waiting for weeks to look at the development, now a customer can access the application to get data instantly.
Many farms don’t have reliable cell service or accessible wifi everywhere on a horse farm. But now, horse managers can complete conformations offline through offline reporting. After a conformation is complete, all reporting can be uploaded once the device comes back online.
Finally, with the help of conformation tracking tool, all the data is saved in the system and trainers of horses can evaluate their own horse’s growth and understand how their conformational strengths and weaknesses can be capitalized.
“If you own a farm and want to manage cattle activities on a click to reduce the manpower and cost. Then it’s the right time to opt for the conformation tracker application.”
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