Expand your Dynamics CRM with Mobility Solution

Expand your Dynamics CRM with Mobility Solution

Drive your business growth with the most versatile mobility solution connected with Dynamics CRM

Managing leads and prospects is the key to success for any business. Maximum number of organizations have invested in CRM and ERP software to accomplish their business goals. While talking about CRM, Microsoft Dynamics is the key player in providing all functionalities on desk to boost business and maintain customer relationship.

Looking at the technology evolution in mobile devices, it is important for every business to have a custom mobile application which can be connected with CRM and provide access to data from anywhere. Businesses should consider taking advantage of the increased functionalities and benefits of expanding Dynamics CRM with mobile solutions.

With the increase in competition, it’s been difficult for businesses to be on top of it’s game by getting all the information required immediately. Lets’ say, you have stored every data related to leads, clients, reports, schedule accurately in CRM but when it comes to access that data from random places, you miss your laptop and office. The Dynamics Mobility solution gives you the flexibility to access real time data on your mobile device.

Enterprise Benefits of Dynamics Mobility Solutions with Kansoft

There are ample benefits of using CRM mobile application. One of the top reasons to use Mobile app for CRM is that it saves time through real-time updates, which further helps in improve productivity, efficiency & and boosts revenue.
Gives clear and holistic customer information
Access to general details, addresses and contact info for all entities
Tracking, scheduling, and optimizing product manufacturing and delivery
Smooth and seamless operations
Streamlines both in-store sales and online purchases
Centralized data on a single platform gives real-time access to all affiliates of an organization
Powerful analytics helps in getting automated reports.
Integration with mapping app for quick navigation
Boost organizational productivity
Order and invoice tracking
Make information access possible from anywhere
Enhanced lead generation

“Bridge the gap between sales and production by updating immediate requirement on CRM through mobile application and transform your daily field operations to fully connected, automated business process.”

Having your team equipped with a CRM mobility solution not only offers a degree of flexibility, but it also helps to boost sales, increase productivity and improve the revenue stream for the enterprise.

Xamarin based Mobile Application

Have you ever thought that you can take your business one step ahead with the power of mobility, intelligence and analytical capabilities?

Xamarin: Trusted by enterprise and loved by developers

Kansoft have achieved a landmark by delivering smart mobility solutions for companies including India’s one of the top cement manufacturing industry. Click on the below link to get a glimpse of how we transformed the business with our expertise.


Whether you want a consistent look across platforms or prefer native look and feel, Xamarin will get you up and running in no time. There are no fees or licensing costs, including for commercial use.

We have designed and developed the Xamarin based mobile application for clients’ affiliates focusing on a clean architecture, strong integration and enhanced performance all of that through seamless and professional user experience.


If you are well-connected with Dynamics 365 and utilizing it to the core to improvise your operational services, we have come up with this amazing idea of connecting the ERP with powerful mobility solutions and making the relevant information and functions available on one touch like no one else does. Our team is well-versed in developing mobile applications & integrating the Dynamics ERP system with the help of Dynamics 365 Data Verse. This gives the end user flexibility to get real-time data, accurate information with operational capabilities anytime & anywhere.

Kansoft has 20 years of experience in working with enterprises worldwide and improving their operational scenarios. We understand your company’s need to deliver quality services to your customers while remaining flexible in order to cater to the rapidly changing business processes.

Expand your dynamics 365 with mobility solution and let your team to manage leads and deals outside of the office and get real-time insights about their performance. Get in touch with our experts now.