Content delivery platform

Content delivery platform

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Our content delivery software suite enables trainers and coaches with a unified platform which allows them to deliver programs to their end clients in a seamless way. It is bundled with a lot of collaboration tools and is capable of delivering the information on mobile and web interfaces in an intuitive and catchy manner.

The mobile app is extremely powerful and is available as a white labelled solution for those who are looking for a quick and easy solution without losing any delivery capabilities. Also our solution for coaches and trainers streamlines the process of client management, scheduling, invoicing and payment etc.

To reduce the burden for trainers and clients, these tools can integrate easily with calendar, emails and video conferencing platforms, clients can check remaining sessions, notifications, goal progress, payment history and much more to get accurate details on activities done on the platform. Customer have option to record sessions to watch later.

Our solution is suitable for all types of trainers and coaches like financial coach, business coach, postpartum coach, fitness coaches etc. Furthermore, we have expertise to deliver a customized solution as per your expectation. Connect with us to discuss your project idea and get an instant solution.

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Key highlights and UI Features

Rate and review
Customer support
Real-time feedback
Manage multiple coaches
Manage/view/update goals
Automated program delivery
Direct messaging with coaches
Host events with calendar view
News feed and announcement
Portal for browsing program content
Group counselling feeds from coaches
Community forum for open interaction with other members
Financial tracker for tracking income/expenses and achieve financial goal
Health tracker for capturing performance, photos, transformation and fitness parameters
Open chat
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