Advanced Google Map Integration

Integrated google map with customized view to capture root and cluster planning on daily basis. Our developers have proficiency in integrating google maps on web and iOS/Android applications. We use satellite imagery, street maps and street view perspectives for applications. Here are some key features integrated in client’s application to make their daily product delivery route planning easy.

Key highlights and UI Features

Draw a route path with vehicle position on the map
Draw polygon by free hand and using all location points
Know whether location is inside or outside of polygon
Check nearest points with different distance length (50m,1000m,3000m,5000m)
Take address from the map
Show customers/warehouse markers
Directions, Distance Matrix, Roads
Street View imagery, and 360° views
Zone planning through drag and drop
Customize google map from its default view
Route planning for delivery and optimization
Differentiation of cluster on map
Determine the route a vehicle travels to create more precise itineraries

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