Payroll and HR

A company always runs with the help of its employees and it is imperative to ensure employees get paid accurately and on-time. When an industry or a business have higher numbers of employees it becomes a huge task for the proper distribution of their salary and how much to provide them. So, it becomes more hectic when their attendance, leave and overtime gets into consideration. Our payroll software covers all the necessary functions which enables an organization to accurately process salary. Our software not just caters for regular staff but also industry workers who work in shifts and have complex labour rules to be handled.

KAN Payroll software can be readily integrated with biometric device, produce salary slips, attendance records, full and final Settlement of an employee. Also Provident fund (PF), Employee state insurance (ESI) and TDS deduction are handled in the system and in compliance with the legislative requirements.

Key highlights and UI Features

Dashboard for employee
Dashboard for super admin
Check and approve leave request
Check and approve miss punch
Customized leave reports according to employee
Activate/deactivate web users
Calendar view for registered leaves
Employee’s biometric and Image registration
Enter your suggestions
Assigned shift reports
Shift violation reports
Salary slip view
Request for help
Open chat
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