Implementation of Inventory Management System

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An effective Inventory management system to streamline your warehouse process.

Manufacturer of Packaged Drinking Water
Inventory Management System
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Our client is a manufacturer of packaged drinking water, and they were looking forward to integrating their field executives with ERP software to improve efficiency of their daily operations.

Problem Area

The company executes around 7,000–8,000 customer deliveries per day. They approached another vendor, but he was not able to operate at their scale. Managing stock manually and keeping track of such a large number of deliveries was difficult.


Looking at the requirement, Kansoft developed an inventory management system with the following features:

Create a product list (single and group based), add a new product category and attributes
Assign vendors according to the product required
Add a new country, state, city based on the location of the customer.
Create purchase orders for vendors
Allocate a warehouse from where drivers can pick up orders.
Create a new customer on boarding details
Create purchase orders and indent
Assign roles to different departments for stock issuance, quality check and stock arrival.
Create a cluster and routes for ease of delivery.
Get automated financial reports for managing payments & more.

Review on clutch

“Kansoft Solutions worked diligently to deliver an accessible internal app that has received positive user feedback. The team has been engaged and provided extensive technical knowledge to resolve challenges capably. A dedicated partner, they exceed expectations to ensure valuable engagement. Kansoft is flexible with making changes to meet our expectations.”


The inventory management system helps in managing stock, creating trips, assigns them to drivers, and then have the drivers deliver their product to customers based on the requirement.Apart from this, Kansoft team has developed a native Android app for their field executives and a hybrid app for customers to manage deliveries and invoices.

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