Why to migrate from .Net to .Net Core – Top 5 reasons

Why to migrate from .Net to .Net Core – Top 5 reasons

Microsoft launched the .net framework back in 2002, since then .net is the first choice of developers to build secure and scalable business applications. Microsoft is continuously investing in technology stack to give boost to meet customer’s requirement. Release of .net core has grabbed attention and stepped into the market as an open-source framework, facilitating cross platform development with advanced features.

Since there is no competitive release or update in .net framework since 2019, it is the right time to shift to .net core to leverage modern features in your application. If you are thinking why you should migrate from .net framework to .net core, here are major advantages of .net core and comparison with .net framework to answer your questions.


               .Net Framework                           .Net Core
.Net framework runs on windows.Net Core runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS
Built in libraryFlexible use of library 
.Net framework is not an open-source platform.Net Core is an open-source platform 
All applications on a single computer run on the same .NET Framework versionYou can run different versions of .NET Core for different applications on the same computer
.Net framework supports Web API, Web Pages, Web Forms & MVC.Net Core supports Web Page, Web API, & MVC
Deployment of web applications on Internet Information Server.Deployment model is flexible in .Net core
.NET framework gives slower performance.Net core gives higher performance
Builds enterprise-grade apps and server-based appsBuilds modern and cloud-based apps

Why choose .net core for your next big application?


If you have started a project in .Net framework before April, 2014, then you must have settled on Windows with lots of infrastructure and licensing cost involved and if you ever thought of switching to a different platform, it involves building everything from scratch, which means further increase in cost and porting app itself comes with challenges. Microsoft and the .net foundation have made developers’ lives easier by launching .net core.


1) Cross-platform support

ASP.net core is supported by all platforms. If your application needs to run on a multi platform like windows, Linux or Mac OS, then .net core is the perfect stage to play your project. There are four cross-platform scenarios that are supported by ASP.NET core, Command Line App, NET Core Web App, Library, Web API.

2) Service-oriented architecture

For .net core, scalability is not at all an issue with modern architecture like microservices and containerization as it is specifically designed to manage apps built with microservices and technology like docker. This framework offers speedy and better performance.

3) Higher performance

The most important benefit of .net core is improved performance. Much more optimized code and enhanced upgrades results in increased performance. It is clearly visible that Microsoft has a long term plan to go with .net core. As compared to other frameworks in the market, .net core gives way higher performance.

4) Least code

Developers can easily optimize code structure, because .net core framework actually demands less utilization of code, which itself saves a lot of time and proves to be a cost effective and scalable application framework.

5) Easy to maintain

One can easily maintain the web application as many processes are automatic and experienced developers can easily handle the new updates and integrations. Yes, it is easy to maintain because with the help of model binding you can easily extract data without any coding, moreover, maintaining less code is always easier then the complicated ones.

These are some important benefits which give a signal to definitely jump on to .net core. Always make sure that you consider every little aspect which adds value to your business, like reduction in cost, high performance, scalability, flexibility, infrastructure etc. Looking at the evolution, you obviously want something which is open source, easy to adopt, stable and mature platform, which can be configurable, and integrated with other libraries and databases. So, . net core gives you all the mentioned advantages to develop a variety of applications for various domains. 

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