Diversity, Inclusion & Equality – Pillars of Kansoft

Diversity, Inclusion & Equality – Pillars of Kansoft

With no single definition of diversity in existence, it may be seen as a group of persons who differ from one another on numerous human and geographical demographics and are brought together for their abilities for ease of use and comprehension from the perspective of an organization.

Inclusion, on the other hand, focuses on developing and maintaining a culture that develops this talent and provides them with a healthy work environment, allowing them to come together and work amicably, comfortably, effectively and confidently. Inclusion guarantees that everyone feels appreciated and contributes to the success of the organization.

Kansoft has continuously worked to develop an organization where an employee can be their real self; a place where they are valued for their individuality.

Value for Diversity

Kansoft has a no-door policy and a flat structure, so everyone is welcome to speak out and know that they are heard, their point of view is valued and their ideas are appreciated. Our team is dedicated to developing each employee into a visionary leader. Rather than focusing on race or gender, Kansoft believes in creating a culture where achievement matters.

Diversity may be measured in terms of skill sets, which is why Kansoft has a thorough learning/training programme in place to help employees break through departmental barriers and collaborate more effectively.

Transparency and Equality

Kansoft thinks that gender preconceptions should be discarded. The world is now waking up to women’s power and resilience. This is why we make sure that our female colleagues have the same freedom and opportunity as their male counterparts. Kansoft is delighted to have a high female quotient in all of its profiles.

The Human Factor

Kansoft is a company that prioritizes our employees’ physical and emotional safety and well-being. At our company, mutual respect and accountability for one’s actions are valued highly. We have zero tolerance for verbal or psychological harassment in accordance with our principles of creating a safe environment for all of our employees.

With the purpose of ensuring employee safety and eliminating all traces of gender bias, our human resource training and development action plan involves identifying obstacles, raising awareness and attaining behavioral evolution while providing a perfectly aligned work-life balance.

Want to know more about Kansoft?

Kansoft believes that each day we show up for work, we make a significant difference and for us that difference begins with each Kansoftian. Our mentality drives us to strive every day and push limits by producing game-changing solutions, whether we operate on-premises or from different geolocations. We believe in the power of technology and what it can do for you, but above all, we believe in our folks and stand in complete unity

We thrive on a culture that promotes diversity, belonging and inclusion among our employees, resulting in world-class results in all we do. Kansoft challenges the status quo and forays boldly into the area of what an empowered and unjudged employee can do. Our focus has been, is and will continue to be on strengthening our culture of diversity and inclusion in order to promote a happier, more motivated and more productive workforce.

Be a part of our success story and let’s build the next great thing in technology together.

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