Mr Lalit Yagnik

25 years of experience

A business technology consultant and Trusted Advisor to global enterprises and startups in various regions, including Australia/NZ, Singapore/ASEAN, India, USA, and the Middle East. Worked at IBM, mid-size companies and startups

Association with Kansoft

  • As a strategic thinker and a great mentor, helped Kansoft to strategize product ideation to market rollouts.
  • Streamlined our services strategy, leading us to customer focused approach.
  • Strengthening alliance with partners at various levels

Contribution towards IBM

  • Founded the software innovation center for kick-starting & growing IBM software business in the Indian market and guided customers, big and emerging businesses, startups, and government entities.
  • Founded a software innovation capability at a joint venture between IBM and the Singapore government, and drove transformative solutions in the industry.
  • Led software consulting team in Australia/New Zealand
  • A key member of an IBM Technology think tank, part of a 95-member global leadership team anchored in USA HQ.

Association with Microsoft

Ex-MD (Managing Director) for the Asia Pacific region at a Microsoft’s global technology partner for cloud engineering

Current Status

  • Currently serving as the Chief Digital Officer and advisor for a global digital transformation solutions company.
  • Actively mentoring a Venture Fund and its startups, having already guided one company that attained India’s unicorn status.
  • Deeply involved in working with startups and enterprises in various sectors, including healthcare Tech.
  • Focused on effective communication with clients, stakeholders, industry forums, and investors to drive success and deliver value to all stakeholders
  • Passionate about assisting Indian businesses in scaling locally and globally through smart business and technology solutions.

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