Clinic CRM

Kansoft’s Clinic CRM is a specialised product made for handling online, web and face to face customers. The CRM also integrates with Sales CRM to promote and ship products sold during the customer appointments. This modern day system enhances your sales and allows you to centralise your products sold through various channels. This CRM has all the major functions required to manage clinic and customers.

Transport Management System

When it comes to transportation, it’s a field which requires efficient management and coordination. For an organization to achieve a good return on investment, it should focus on supervising all the functions and operations in a cost-efficient way. Our TMS help users to manage Orders, Billing, internal and external Trucks, in a most simplified way. Our TMS also includes modules such as Warehouse, Spare parts, Tyre, Maintenance and Inventory management which fulfil all the essential processes related to transportation management.

Our software is feature rich, industry compliant and web based which makes it unique. Build on a web-based framework, users can use it from any part of the world from any device making it more convenient. It is fully secured and built on latest technology platform.

Sales and Distribution CRM

Managing your distribution network is one of the most challenging process around the globe when it comes to efficiency. With multiple supply networks, changing customer demands and increasing product inventories makes it more composite.

Kansoft’s Distribution and management system is built on keeping these complex functions as priority and making business smooth, transparent and cost effective for company as well as network members (stockists, distributors and retailers). Our DMIS includes all key processes covering sales, distribution, inventory and maintenance. Our software helps you to generate every report necessary when required and assist companies to work with customers and partners. This DMIS has been successfully implemented for mobile, electronics and FMCG industries

Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP is the most useful and important part of organization as it covers all the major functions and operations of any industry. A systematic ERP consists of many characters including cost efficiency, time efficiency, productivity, mobility and much more. ERP selection can be challenging task as one needs to cover many aspects in terms of requirements, technology, functions, customizations, support and cost. In this midst, KAN ERP holds its unique place as it’s a multifunction ERP designed keeping in mind all the necessary aspects for a variety of businesses. The major modules include marketing, inventory, stores, accounts and finance, purchase, assets and much more which makes it more flexible. KAN ERP has been successfully implemented in many verticals including mobile, electronics, textile, panel, pharmaceutical, insulator manufacturing etc.

Mobile Application Suite

Our suite of mobile application (iOS, Android) to run online group programs for wellness, fitness, group collaboration and dieticians etc. has been comprehensively developed with a lot of control features. The application is controlled through CMS system which makes the application highly flexible and scalable for developing extensions.

A customer application for ecommerce-based businesses is feature rich and contains most of the functionality required for single and subscription-based ordering process.

Our integrated delivery application is built for delivery boys and drivers to improve and make last mile logistics as efficient as possible.

SAP Business One

We help you increase control over your small business with software designed to grow with you. Streamline key processes, gain greater insight into your business, and make decisions based on real-time information – so you can drive profitable growth. It helps you to Capture all your business information in a single, scalable system. Also, Offers mobile employees access to software through an intuitive mobile application. We provide answers to your key business questions with integrated business intelligence and industry specific add-ons which delivers the best value to your business.

Warehouse Management System

An efficient Warehouse management system is good at managing daily planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling the potential resources for moving and storing materials inside, and out of a distribution centre. KAN WMS Provides you with all the flexible functions of the operations so you can manage your stock accordingly. The essential features of our WMS are inventory monitoring, pick-up and delivery, Courier Integrations, internal stock movement, procurement and quality checking etc. Scalability, flexibility and reduction in wastage are the pillars of this system.

Payroll System

A company always runs with the help of its employees and it is imperative to ensure employees get paid accurately and on-time. When an industry or a business have higher numbers of employees it becomes a huge task for the proper distribution of their salary and how much to provide them. It becomes more hectic when their attendance, leave and overtime gets into consideration. Our payroll software covers all the necessary functions which enables an organization to accurately process salary. Our software not just caters for regular staff but also industry workers who work in shifts and have complex labour rules to be handled. KAN Payroll software can be readily integrated with biometric device, produce salary slips, attendance records, Full and Final Settlement of an employee. Provident fund (PF), Employee state insurance (ESI) and TDS deduction are also handled in the system and in compliance with the legislative requirements.