Music Application

MLM E-Commerce Platform to sell and distribute music

E-Commerce and MLM based Music Application is a vast application suite developed by Kansoft for a USA client, which is creating a fast-growing community of Music Promoters, Distributors and Independent Recording Artists. The web application provides a multi-level management system for all associated users including retailers, distributors, artists and music fans. Application comprises of a wide number of dynamic and intuitive functionalities.

The complete solution includes integrated applications such as replicated websites for distributors and artists, MLM platform, backend CMS and music streaming mobile application for music fans.

Key highlights and UI Features:

  • Fully responsive and dynamic application built using MVC framework with Angular JS.
  • Integrated and rendered data on pages and dashboards from multiple application sources through APIs. 3rd party systems such as MLM for revenue/commission distribution, ecommerce application and websites have all been reflected in common space.
  • Website Replication for each onboarding distributor and artists.
  • Flexibility for artists and distributors to fully configure home page and store according to their choice. Basically, each distributor/artist can showcase targeted content for their website viewers and shoppers.
  • E-Commerce business platform - Buying/Selling albums, records, sound tracks etc.
  • Integrated secured Payment gateways, AWS APIs, music UPIs and music players.
  • Created fully configurable global and distributor specific music store.
  • Consolidated multi-level marketing platform with web application for seamless end user experience.
  • Managing different activities on a single click by the user.
  • Smooth selection attributes for better user experience.
  • Responsive Layout for viewing on multiple devices.
  • Fully automated tabs with dynamic data table and grids depending on user type and available data resources.
  • Multi device compatible along with optimizing features that eases system and Application performance.
  • Filtering and Sorting facility at various levels.
  • Export facility on various sections for data extraction in excel, pdf as required.
  • Various simple to complex dynamic graphs displayed completely on the basis of data value.